Finger joint

This article will cover what is a finger joint, why use a finger joint, and one way of making a finger joint.

What is a Finger joint?

A finger joint, also known as a box joint, is a decorative joint commonly used for box making. It is made up of 2 pieces with squared pins along their edges, allowing them to interlock with one another. Whilst visually it is similar to a dovetail joint, it doesn’t resist to pushing and pulling forces as well as a dovetail joint does. To resist forces a finger joint requires gluing, and given its large cross grain gluing surface areas it can be strong a strong joint once glued.

How do I make it?

The process to create a finger joint will vary from project to project. To make this this joint in the easiest way possible, you can use the router table and Incra positioner available in the MSD Machine Workshop.

For more information, below is a video demonstrating making a finger joint using a router table and Incra positioner. Note: Unfortunately it does not take only 3 minutes to create, like in the video.

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