Plunge Saw

Plunge Saw, also known as a Track Saw, is a circular saw that can run along a track to produce straight cuts.


The Plunge Saw offers accurate long rip and crosscutting features like a Table Saw but in a portable package.

Two Good Reasons to Use the Plunge Saw

Portability: If the need arises to cut a straight panel which can't be taken to the table saw then the portability of the Plunge Saw can be utilised.

Straight Edge: The saw is designed to run along a specialized aluminium track which can be set up with ease to produce accurate straight cuts.


Timber: Dried Timber Species‌

Acrylics: Plastics and acrylic up to 50mm thick with the correct blade (consult workshop staff)

No Metals can be used with this Power Tool.

Machine in Operations Video

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