A machine which utilizes a continuous band of metal, with teeth along one edge to cut various work pieces.


The bandsaw is a machine that can cut straight lines, free hand curves and angles in material up to 400mm thick.

Three Great Ways To Use A Bandsaw

Re-sawing: A common use for the bandsaw is to cut down long lengths of timber along the grain to produce smaller pieces, simply by adjusting the fence to the required width. Due to the fine bandsaw blade minimal material will be lost.

Curves: The bandsaw is one of the few machines in the workshop capable of cutting curves. Mark your curves on the material you're cutting and follow them with the bandsaw blade. Don't worry if it's not perfect, you can clean up the cut on one of the workshops many sanding machines.

Angles: The bandsaw table is capable of being adjusted to angles up to 45 degrees. This enables you to put full depth bevels on straight or curved cuts.

There are a variety of techniques in using a bandsaw, please see the workshop technicians for further guidance and safe operation of this machine.


Timber: All green and dried timber species

Acrylic: Acrylic material to 10mm thick (Consult Workshop Technician)

Machine In Operations Video

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