Files and Rasps

Files and Rasps are long steel tools with hundreds of small distinct individual cutting teeth along their surface.


Files and Rasps are designed to remove or shape material to a desired form. Files are used on metal, while rasps are used on timber only.

Reasons To Use Files and Rasps

Files can be used to make fine adjustments to timber joints, clean up metal/acrylic surfaces after they have been cut with a saw and quickly shape small components. In the workshop we also use them for sharpening scrapers and cold chisels.

Rasps have much coarser teeth than files and are only used on timber. They can quickly shape curves into your work and are a step between rough cuts from a power tool and refining shapes with sandpaper.


Timber: Dried Timber Species

Acrylic: Acrylic material (Consult Workshop Technician)

Aluminium: Aluminium and other non-ferrous metals (Consult Workshop Technician)

Steel: Steel (Consult Workshop Technician)

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