Further Reading

Additional sources of information for timber and making knowledge
This table contains a range of books all available from the Melbourne University Architecture Library. If you want to expand your knowledge of timber we highly recommend checking them out.
Understanding Wood
Wood in Australia
Wood joiners handbook
Fine Woodworking
Wood: Architecture and Design
Wonder Wood
Wood: Materials for inspirational Design
This book will tell you everything you need to know about timber as a material. From how the trees grow to how they are sawn up and how the timber continues to move even when it's finished.
This book will give you a thorough insight into native Australian timbers.
This guide to joints and techniques will show you many different types of joinery you may find useful.
You'll find this book and lots of back issues of the Fine Woodworking magazine available through the Melbourne Uni library system (some are available at the Architecture Library).
This book focusses on wood as a large scale building material but contains lots of great information.
You'll find some really inovative approaches to wood here.
This book displays wood from a designers perspective and shows the material in different forms used in various ways.