Router Table

A machine which holds a vertically mounted router spindle in place for a cutting head to perform different profile cuts above a static table.


The router table is used to increase the versatility of a handheld router by gaining greater control and function. The fence and table give the user additional features to enhance safety and accuracy in their profile cutting.

Three Good Reasons to Use the Router Table

Safety By making this machine table based instead of handheld the dangerous cutting components are contained to one area making this machine safer and more predictable.

Accuracy The additional features of a table, large fence and easy to adjust cutting depth make the table router easier to use with more consistent results.

Making joints With the setup of the INCRA Positioner, the table router makes the making of a variety of box joints / finger joints and dovetail joints easier than it would have otherwise been.


Timber: Dried Timber Species‌, plywood and MDF.

Machine in Operations Video

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