Mitre Saw

A compact and versatile machine consisting of a mounted circular saw on a sliding and articulating arm used for cutting timber.


The Mitre Saw allows for accurate cross cutting of timber to a variety of angles and depths with a range of inbuilt adjustments and features. A depth x width of 80 x 290mm can be cut safely.

Two Good Reasons to Use the Mitre Saw

Straight cuts The Mitre saw can be used to make straight 90 degree cuts for up to 290mm in width and 80mm in depth.

Angles The Mitre Saw allows for the adjustment of three types of angles - mitre, bevel and compound.


Timber: Dried Timber Species‌

Acrylic: Acrylic material to 10mm thick (Consult Workshop Technician)

Aluminium: Aluminium to 5mm thick (Consult Workshop Technician)

Machine in Operations Video

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