Dowel joint

This article will cover what is a dowel joint, why use a dowel joint, and one way of making a dowel joint.

What is a Dowel joint?

A dowel joint is commonly used to reinforce butt joints, that is, the joining of the end or edge of a board to the face of another. It is made up of 2 pieces with holes drilled, into which glue and small round wooden pins (known as dowels) are inserted connect them. It is a substitute to using a domino joint (i.e. floating tenon) and requires extremely accurate makings to be achievable, unless dowel centres are used.

How do I make it?

To make this joint in the easiest way possible, you can use the pedestal drill available in the MSD Machine Workshop.

For more information, below is a video demonstrating making a dowel joint.

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