Where to Buy

Machine Workshop purchasing guide for materials.

Purchasing from the Machine Workshop

The Machine Workshop has a range of free materials including ply wood, softwood and some hardwood. If you're working on something small you may find everythign you need in the workshop.

In addition to our free materials we have a selection of hardwoods that are available for purchase. These can include walnut, American oak, maple, Tasmanian Oak and American ash. This list is constantly changing so speak to the staff before planning your project.

Purchasing from the Fab Lab

Below is a list of materials that you are able to purchase from the Fab Lab. Check that it's on the Machine Workshop approved materials list before using in the Machine Workshop.

FabLab Materials List

To purchase any of these materials, speak to the Guru working the front desk of the Fab Lab.

Unfortunately, we will not cut down full sheets of material if you wish to purchase a half or a quarter sheet etc. However, we are able to sell remnants from previous CNC and laser jobs as small-sized timber sheets. Please enquire with the Guru about what remnants are available.

The best way to see what stock is available is to call around to suppliers, to get what you want at the best price. Our most used suppliers are listed below but if you would rather contact another supplier, go for it!





Britton Timbers


Australian and American


Timber Lord

Anthony Griffiths

Australian, American


Usually free delivery to Uni

Mathew's Timber


Australian, American,

European and Pacific


Urban Salvage

Andy Mineur


03 9391 0466

0407 489 858

Reclaimed Australian Timber

Timber Revival


Reclaimed Australian timbers



Vic Ash, Cypress, Outdoor Timbers

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