Clamps are mechanical fastening devices used to hold and secure work tightly together or in place for a variety of applications.


Depending on the application either the F Clamp, Sash Clamp, G Clamp, Parallel Clamp or Quick Grip style clamp will be required for a process at one point in a project.

Three Reasons To Use Clamps

Laminating Boards: Joining boards long edge to long edge is best done with Sash Clamps allowing the material to lay flat on the clamps maintaining flat even pressure to the joints while the glue goes off.

Small Glue Ups: For small glue ups F Clamps or similar can be used to hold components in place. They are fast to adjust and apply direct pressure between two points.

Securing Work: Using F Clamps or G Clamps (for rigidity and strength), work can be secured for a variety of other process to take place safely while securely fastened.


All materials and surfaces

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