Non-standard Model Making

The page describes what "Non-standard Model Making" is and helps staff determine if their making plans fall into this category and how to contact Maker Spaces management staff to make arrangements.

Non-Standard Making is anything that does not fit within the normal, everyday making processes and access provided by the Maker Spaces.

Non-standard Making may include:

  • Large scale design build projects that require ongoing space, equipment and support from maker space staff throughout the semester.

  • Creation of large site models

  • In class demonstrations

  • Requiring students to work with specific materials – material may need to be reviewed and approved for use in Maker Spaces.

  • Requiring students to work with specific fabrication processes – need to confirm expectations can be supported.

  • Any model expecting excessive cost and/or fabrication time.

If you would like to integrate non-standard making processes into your subject the Maker Spaces team will aim to support your needs. This will be made easier if ample time is provided to plan and make arrangements for the subjects.

Please be aware the Machine Workshop only has space for up to 16 students at any given time. As there is only one of each type of machine please allow ample time for students to complete their projects.

Please submit the Non-standard Making Request Form at least one month before the start of semester. After completing the form the Maker Spaces Management team will be in contact to discuss your requirements to ensure your needs can be supported by the Maker Spaces team.

Non-standard Making Request Form

The Non-standard Making Request Form will require you to provide information such as:

  • Subject Details – i.e. name, number etc

  • Number of Students

  • Number of Tutorial Groups

  • Description of Projects

  • Material types and quantities requires

  • Dates of students will be processing jobs in Maker Spaces or utilising facilities

  • Dates of students required to submit for marking

  • Amount of waste expected to be generated

Please be mindful that planning for and resolving complex fabrication and making problems can take considerable time. The Maker Spaces are also open to the rest of the faculty, students and external clients. Therefore, please make sure to contact Maker Spaces team as early as possible to make arrangements for your class.

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