How to use the spray booth

  1. Start up: Turn on the main isolator switch, which is above the spray booth control panel.

  2. Turn light switch on and check work space inside spray booth is clean and clear.

  3. Purge the spray booth: Push green button labeled 'start'. The spray booth will purge, indicated by the yellow light labeled 'Booth Purging'. This cycle will last for approximately 60 seconds. Wait for the spray booth to finish purging and for the green light labeled ‘Booth Purged’ to be light up.

  4. Spray material: Place items to be spray painted in the spray booth on a stand near the back of the room close to the filter wall (The white wall made from cardboard). Spray paint items using ONLY SPRAY CAN PAINT in thin light layers to achieve an even coat. When satisfied with paint coverage and finish by exiting the spray booth and leave items to dry.

  5. Shut down and remove material: Clear items and mess from spray booth ensure it is left in a clean and clear condition for next user. Shut doors behind you. Push red shutdown button. The white and yellow lights will then illuminate as the spray booth “Post Purges”.

Spray painting technique

Adhering to some basic guidelines when spray-painting will lead to a better finish and reduce mess.

  • Placing your object in a deep cardboard box will prevent other objects from being painted with over-spray.

  • Prepare the surface of your object - most materials benefit from a preliminary clean, sanding, and drying before painting. In some cases, the application of a primer might also help.

  • Read all directions on the spray can - make note of the recommended distance between the spray head and your material. This is usually between 20-30cm.

  • Test your spray paint on a scrap piece of material first.

  • Apply multiple thin coats of paint to your object for an even finish.

  • If you are doing several coats, refer to the label of your product for the paint curing time. This is also known as the 're-coat window'.

  • Allow enough time for your object to fully dry - drying time differs between products.

  • Clean the valve of your spray can. This will keep the spray mechanism clear and allow the product to be used at a later date. To prevent clogging, hold the can upside down and spray until paint stops spraying.

  • If a spray can is clogged, remove any excess paint with warm water or mineral spirits.


Storage in the spray booth is limited to a rack for spray paint - products in this rack are available for use.

The spray booth does not have any permanent storage for student work - work may be left to dry for a short period of time (a few hours) but must be labelled with students' name, contact number and time of pick-up. Students should remove their work once it is dry to avoid being sprayed over by other students or discarded by Makerspaces staff.

If the spray booth is full

Students must not use spray paint or use toxic fume-emitting substances anywhere else in the building or Makerspaces, even if the spray booth is full. Talk to a staff member and have them organise a temporary solution for you, if possible.

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