A checklist for preparing metal components pre-welding.

Preparing Metal Components

The first step of fabrication is to prepare the material or 'stock' for cutting and welding. Depending on the type of material you have chosen for your project this may involve different processes.

Follow these steps to prepare your steel for welding:

  1. If your stock is oiled, rag it down to improve handling. Painted stock can be left as is.

  2. Layout your stock and roughly mark out the lengths with each component you wish to create. Use a welders chalk or a permanent marker.

  3. Cut your lengths as per your cutting schedule. Remember to always start with the largest pieces first and work down to the smallest. This ensures efficiency in material is use.

  4. If your project requires drilling holes, do this before welding where possible.

  5. Chamfer joining edges where necessary to accommodate good joins. Use either the linisher or flap disk on the angle grinder.

  6. Use the linisher or flap disk grinder to carefully remove any burs created from cutting or drilling, this reduces the risk of cuts and scrapes

  7. If your steel is painted, and you wish to strip it, use the right angle air grinder with surface conditioning pads.

  8. Wipe down any residue on the steel with a dry cloth.

  9. Wipe down the steel with AJAX cleaning product and a damp cloth (remember to wear your PPE)

  10. Once it is dry, your parts are ready to weld.

Instructions for each of these steps is outlined in the following pages

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