Spray Booth

The dry filter spray booth is a space dedicated to the application of spray paint and other chemicals that require a well ventilated area, so others working in the model making space are not affected.

What is a spray booth?

The spray booth is an enclosed workspace, isolated from the rest of the workshop and setup specifically to extract and remove fumes from spray cans. You can use the spray booth to apply paint, glues and resins that emit harmful fumes. See our materials section for more information on products approved for use in the spray booth. Please check in with the Guru before using the spray booth.

Why use the spray booth?

The Spray Booth is the only location in the MSD building where you are allowed to use spray paint and other fume emitting products. This is possible because the booth is highly ventilated, extracting toxic fumes emitted by spray paint and other processes.

We also encourage you to use the spray booth if you are applying any other type of paint or chemical that has a strong odour so as not to affect or disrupt others, including staff and students in communal spaces.

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