Baldwin Spencer Maker Space

The Baldwin Spencer Maker Space offers extra work space for students wishing to carry out model-making activities.


The Baldwin Spencer Makerspace is a dedicated area for model assembly and storage in the Baldwin Spencer building, right next door to the MSD building. In this space you will find large durable tables, designed specifically for model assembly and collaborative work, as well as a selection of hand tools and large cupboards to store your model and parts during assembly.


The Baldwin Spencer Maker Space is open to all students and staff from the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, both undergraduate and postgraduate. The tables and storage is allocated on a first come basis.

The Baldwin Spencer Maker Space is open 7 days a week from 7:00am - 11:00pm.

Baldwin Spencer Maker Space etiquette

The Baldwin Spencer Maker Space is one of the only fabrication spaces which for the most part is unstaffed. Therefore it is largely up to you to take care of yourself and the space while using it. Please take pride in this work area and make sure you follow our guidelines on how to use the space correctly.

Rules of Use

The following rules for the Maker Space must be adhered to at all times:

  • Priority is given to students making models. Students are allowed to study in the Maker Space, however they must vacate the space for students making models.

  • Clean up after yourself, bins are provided in the entry unit.

  • No food and drinks is to be consumed in the Maker Space.

  • No running in the Maker Space.

  • All safety signs, instructions and notices should be read carefully.

  • No power tools can be used in the Maker Space.

  • All models and materials stored in the Maker Space must be stored in a cupboard or under the tables.

  • A Model Storage card must be completed and displayed with items.

  • Items not stored and labelled properly may be removed from the Maker Space.

Staff and students wishing to use power tools or larger equipment must do so in the MSD Maker Spaces in the Glyn Davis Building (B133)


Maker Spaces staff will carry out a daily check of the Baldwin Spencer Maker Space to ensure it is being used and cleaned correctly. This will include a basic clean, but it is up to individual users to clear their workspace after use. Cleaning up after yourself is important - it avoids contamination and keeps the space usable for all. Work being stored on the provided shelving should be correctly labelled to avoid being thrown out during the guru's daily check.

A basic checklist to follow when cleaning up your work space is available here.

The Baldwin Spencer Maker Space may need to close temporarily if basic cleanliness is not upheld by its users.

If you encounter an issue in the Baldwin Spencer Maker Space, please contact a Makerspaces staff member in one of the MSD Makerspaces to assist you.

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