Group Inductions

This page provides instructions for Academic Staff wishing to arrange a dedicated Maker Space Induction for your Class / Studio

If you believe your Studio / Class will require high use of the Maker Spaces, or if you want to ensure your students are exposed to the potential of the Maker Space facilities, you can schedule a dedicated Maker Spaces Level 02 Induction for your whole Class / Studio.

To arrange a dedicated Level 02 Induction please contact the Machine Workshop Coordinator, David Fedyk.

If a dedicated Class / Studio Level 02 Induction is not organised students can complete their inductions by individually booking through the standard Access and Induction process. Level 02 inductions must be completed by all staff and students before they can access the workshop.

During the first few weeks of the semester demand for inductions is high, which results in limited free slots in inductions per week. During the second half of the semester inductions are only provided as needed by students and staff.

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