Do I have to book to use the Hot Wire Foam Cutter?

No, the hot wire foam cutters are located in the Model Making Space and free to use without booking for all students who have completed their Level 01 Safety Induction (Online).

The wire has snapped, or looks to be unthreaded. What do I do?

The wire threaded into the wire cutters are easily replaceable and will require replacement after a period of use.

Laminated instruction sheets located next the machines will provide step-by-step instructions on how to rethread wire from the spool, or refer to the Set Up article linked below in this KBA section. If you feel unconfident in doing this, or find the wire spool to be empty, feel free to approach the Guru for help.

My foam piece doesn't fit into the wire cutter.

The arm on the wire cutter may be extended to a full height of _____ by moving it up the notch spaces. If your foam piece is still too large, consider cutting your block into sections for post attachment, or approaching the Workshop for their assistance.

Your Level 2 Induction must be completed before entering Workshop space.

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