Maintenance & Troubleshooting


It is up to the individual students and staff using the spray booth to clean up after completing a job. This includes:

  • Removing all materials (unless drying) and personal belongings.

  • Items can be left to dry if you intend to pick them up on the same day. If leaving an item to dry, label these with your name, contact number and time of pick-up. See the operation page for more information on storage.

  • Any unwanted spray products can be stored in the provided spray-can rack within the spray booth.


Maintenance is undertaken periodically by Makerspaces staff and qualified technicians, and should not be attempted by students. If you notice an issue that requires immediate attention, please contact a Makerspaces staff member.

Makerspaces staff are responsible for contacting the relevant service agents if maintenance is required.


If the spray booth appears to be malfunctioning, turn off the power supply by switching the main isolator switch to the 'OFF' position. Alert a Makerspaces staff member immediately.

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