Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Daily cleaning routines are necessary to keep the Wetworks functioning on a daily basis. Below are the approved approaches to maintenance and troubleshooting in the event of a technical issue.

Daily Cleaning

Maker Spaces staff will carry out a daily check of the Wetworks space to ensure it is being used and cleaned correctly. This will include a basic clean, but it is up to individual users to clear their workspace after use. Cleaning up after yourself is important -- it avoids contamination and keeps the space usable for all. Work being stored on the provided shelving should be correctly labelled to avoid being thrown out during the guru's daily check.

A basic checklist to follow when cleaning up your work space is available here.

The Wetworks space may need to close temporarily if basic cleanliness is not upheld by its users.


One of the main features of the Wetworks space are the large sinks that are extremely helpful when working with common casting materials such as concrete, plaster and clay. Due to their high use, it is very important to maintain the sink area to avoid blockages in the plumbing system. Several strategies have been implemented to mitigate plumbing issues, including the use of floor and sink filters and the installation of a sump.

Avoiding blockages

The easiest way to avoid a sink blockage is by preventing the passage of particulate matter into the drain. Make sure you are familiar with the composition of your chosen material before handling it in the sink. Whilst we have a sump in place, it is only designed to catch small amounts of debris and will eventually fill up, so it is important that as many solids as possible are removed from any solution before it is poured into the drain. In some cases, you may be able to pass your material through a sieve to remove large debris.

Some materials are never suitable for disposal in the sink due to their ability to set. DO NOT dispose of these materials in the sink:

  • Concrete

  • Plaster

  • Clay

  • Fats or oils

  • Wax

  • Gelatin-based products

When working with these materials, be sure to have an appropriate vessel in which you can pour any excess solution. This could be a container or bin that you have sourced - DO NOT use the Maker Spaces bins. Label your waste containers appropriately. When you are ready to dispose of the container, do so using the correct bin.

If you are unsure whether you material can be safely disposed of in the sink, please speak to the guru on duty.

Setting up floor and sink filters

If you are using a material with particulate matter in it, make sure you have placed filters over the sink and floor drains.

The sink filters should be stored near the sinks in the Wetworks space. If you are unable to find the filters, please consult with a Maker Spaces staff member before starting to work.

Sump operation and maintenance

A sump has been installed to reduce the risk of particulate matter blocking the drain system. Sumps work by pumping water intake through a filter to remove small debris. This does not remove the need for the sink filter - materials should be appropriately sieved and filtered to prevent the build up of deposits within the sump. If the sink stops draining correctly, the sump holding tank may need to be emptied - contact a Maker Spaces staff member to check this.

What to do if the sink is malfunctioning

If the sink has stopped draining at a normal rate, there are a few easy steps you can take before notifying the guru of an issue.

  • Check sinkholes for filters - are they in place and clearly visible? If so, check whether these need to be cleared.

  • If the sink is full of a solution that might contain large particles, insert the sink plug directly after removing the filter to prevent further particles from entering the drain. Empty the filter contents into the bin before returning it to the sink hole.

  • Try to remove any large debris or thick substances that might be contributing to the blockage, e.g. clay sludge or aggregate.

If the sink is still blocked after these steps, contact a Maker Spaces staff member to assess the situation. In the event of a full blockage, a plumber will be called. This may require the Wetworks area to close temporarily.

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