VCA Workshop

An outline of facilities and services at the VCA Teaching Workshop (southbank campus) which may be of interest to MSD students undertaking niche processes.

The Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) workshop at Southbank is a dedicated workshop facility shared by the School of Art and the School of Production. MSD students are welcome to access this workshop on a project basis in order to use equipment not available at the Fab Lab. The primary areas of interest are the foundry and kilns.

Available facilities

  • Large furnace - for casting and finishing metals

  • Kilns - for firing ceramics

Process for access

  1. Consult with Fab Lab staff about your project and fabrication options

  2. Contact VCA workshop staff via email to discuss your project

  3. Arrange an in-person induction and/or consultation

  4. Be organised! Manage your project and understand the time frames involved


Due to the high demand and limited resources, VCA students are given first preference. It should also be noted that timeframes for firing and metal casting may not meet student deadlines. As such we recommend early consultation with Fab Lab staff to assess viability should these processes be desired.


Any student wishing to use these facilities should contact the head technician in advance.

Mark Friedlander Head Technician

Please note that in order to access the workshop, students will need to undertake an in-person safety induction. Additionally, individual tools require their own inductions, just like at the MSD Maker Spaces.

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