MSD Model Making Space

This section provides information about what the MSD Model Making Space is and the tools and equipment that are provided, and tools that students can bring and use.

The MSD Model Making Space is a purpose-built space for students and staff to assemble your designs and creations using the parts and components that you have fabricated in the various Maker Spaces.

The Model Making Space provides access to large work benches and select equipment such as hand tools, hot wire foam cutters, card cutter and spray booth.

The model making space is open between 9:00am - 5:00pm on weekdays. After hours and on weekends the space is accessible via student or staff swipe card after the completion of the Level 01 Safety Induction.


Available Tools

Personal Tools

Rules & Guidelines


  • You are required to clean up and put things away after use

  • Food and drink must not be consumed anywhere in FabLab, including in the Forbo Model Making Space

  • If you are injured please seek the assistance of Fablab staff.


  • You must carefully store models underneath benches with a model label card attached

  • Model label cards are located next to the entry to the Forbo Model Making Space

  • Models that are not labeled will be thrown away

  • Models that are not stored correctly will be thrown away

  • No scrap materials is to be stored underneath benches

  • You cannot use tools from the Machine Workshop or Robotics Lab in this space.


  • No sanding can be done inside this space.


A full list of materials you can use in the Forbo Model Making Space can be found in the materials page. You can not use wet materials such as concrete and plaster in the Forbo Model Making space. Wet and casting materials can be used in the Wetworks Room.

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