How to Blast

How to use the Media Blaster:

  1. Clear the area around you to create enough space for the piece you plan to blast.

  2. Assemble and attach the air gun. Open the sandblaster and insert the gun into the powerhead and make sure the air gun is in place.

  3. Attach the siphon hose to the air gun. The gun is inside the media cabinet.

  4. Put components for blasting into the cabinet.

  5. Prepare the cabinet for blasting. Turn on the lights, fan and then the blaster.

  6. Insert your arms into the gloves and position the foot Pedal. Position yourself so you can clearly see into the cabinet and the foot petal sits comfortably.

  7. Begin to blast your component. Press down on the foot pedal and aim the to the parts you want to clean and keep your strokes smooth.

  8. To finish, turn the machine off and then open the cabinet to remove all parts.

  9. Dissemble the air gun and place it back how it was originally found.

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