The VCA foundry is used for the casting of metals such as silicon bronze, aluminium alloys, and pewter.

Metal Casting

Metal casting is an exciting way to extend the possibilities of digital fabrication into traditional methods and new materials. Previously, students have explored casting techniques as part of ExLab electives.

Main Tools

  • Furnace

  • Kiln

  • A lot of hard work!

Furnace - Investment Casting

The method employed for metal casting is called 'lost-wax casting'. In this process, a wax object is encased in a mix of plaster and en tout cas (brick dust). This is then baked for up to four days in a kiln, setting the mould and melting the wax to create a void. Molten metal is then poured into this void. Once cooled, the metal object is released for finishing.

VCA Instruction Video: How to Cast Bronze

What's possible?

Students are able to invest other materials, such as organic matter, or PLA 3D-printed objects. Consult workshop staff regarding your project needs for detailed advice.

Much like at FabLab, there are material costs involved with these processes.

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