Self Service System

The Media Hub is a self-service station, meaning students are in charge of sending documents to the printers. Follow the guides within this knowledge base to learn how to use each piece of equipment.

1. Prepare your documents

All documents should be saved as a flattened PDF format file. Ensure:

  • The document is under 150MB

  • The page size matches the paper size you want to print on - unless you are scaling.

2. Printing

Prints can only be sent via the Quick Print Kiosks (inside the print room) or by any lab computer in the MSD. You cannot print via webprint or from your personal laptop.

  1. Open your document in Adobe Acrobat

  2. Modify the settings using the printing guides for the respective printer

  3. Select the printer and print the document.

  4. Tap your card at the Kiosk when prompted.

A detailed step-by-step process can be found in the How-to section.

3. Release the print

The print will be held in a queue until you release it to the printer. This gives you a chance to review the cost of the print - if the cost is inaccurate there may be an issue with the settings you have used. Please review your settings and try again - do not release the print if the price seems incorrect.

Remote Release of Jobs from Laptop or Mobile

You can release jobs if you have forgotten your card via the link below.

You must first send the file from a computer with in the Faculty logged in with your university user details (not a personal computer).

Then log onto your account through the PaperCut server here: and release.

This is a work around if you have forgotten your card.

4. Collect your prints

Depending on how busy it is you may get your prints straight away or you may have to wait. The printers will queue the jobs in order of time released.

Uncollected prints may be removed or recycled after a significant time has passed.

After-hours Printing Errors

Please do not try to fix anything yourself. If an error has occurred please report the issue to the Media Hub or NeXT Lab staff using the contact details above. If your job is stuck - leave it and apply for a refund, see below.


Please collect evidence such as a photo of the machine error. This may be used to determine whether a refund is appropriate. Why was my refund denied?

Any amount lost due to printing issues (eg. paper jam) will be refunded on a case-by-case basis. Please submit your request via logging on to the Student Print Portal. Select 'Recent Print Jobs', select the relevant print job, and click on 'request refund.'

If your refund is not approved after 5 business days, speak to the Media Hub Staff.

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