Binding and Trimming

1. Types of binding

2. Stitch binding (stapling)

3. Comb binding

Maximum of 10 pages at a time to ensure that the binder will not jam

Binding Guidelines (in case you prefer text)

When punching:

  • Always ensure the machine is on a stable surface

  • Test punch scrap sheets and set the machine before punching final documents

  • Remove staples and other metal articles prior to punching

  • Never exceed the machines quoted performance

Set up

  1. Ensure Machine is on a stable surface

  2. Check waste tray is empty and correctly fitted

  3. Lift the lid. Ensure the comb-opening lever is pushed backwards.

  4. Lift the punch handle to its upright position.

Before you Bind

  1. Select the correct comb diameter using the comb storage tray.

  2. Insert the plastic comb into the mechanism.

  3. Pull comb-opening lever forward to open the comb.

  4. Test punch scrap sheets to check edge guide setting.

  5. Punch front and back covers first.

  6. Punch sheets in small batches that do not overload the machine or the user.

  7. Load punched sheets directly onto the opened comb. Starting with the front of the document.

  8. When all punched sheets are loaded onto the comb, push the comb lever backwards to close the comb and remove the bound document.

4. Trimming Guidelines

The paper trimmer is equipped with a cutting unit with a rotating blade in hardened steel, stainless steel fixed blade and high transparency line sheet holder for a perfect positioning.

Only one sheet at a time to ensure a clean and smooth cut. Do not push down on handle. Slide only.

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