Printing Your Own Media

MSD 1 and 2 allow external media to be printed on via the Multi-Purpose Tray

Staff at Media Hub provide external media printing via MSD 1+2.

Acceptable paper stocks:

  • Coated Bond (Matte)

  • Gloss

  • Silk

  • Parchment

  • NeverTear

Stocks with various textures such as canvas, glitter, metallic are incompatible with the printer and are NOT to be loaded in the multi-purpose tray. Any media that contains fibers that easily are removable and can damage the printer (i.e. glitter) are not to be printed onto.

Staff at ABP Media Hub will load your paper into the output tray (MSD 1) and then proceed to the ABP computers to set up the specifications

Please note the MSD 1 and 2 Printers are Canon Multi-Function Devices. They are Laser printers in which paper should be bought accordingly.

Information regarding printer compatibility needs to be clearly visible when speaking with Media Hub staff so that it is safe to be loaded into the Multi-Purpose Tray.

We stress the importance of laser compatible paper, any other paper stock will melt in the printer causing major damage.


MSD 1 output tray can be used to print on external media provided by students up to size SRA3 (320 x 450 mm)

Coated paper:

  • GSM: 106-220

  • Up to SRA3

  • Subject to rejection if not within acceptable criteria

Tracing paper:

Laser compatible tracing paper is necessary

  • GSM: 64-81

  • Up to SRA3


Laser compatible transparency paper is necessary

  • GSM: 151-209

  • Up to SRA3

  • Select "Clear Film" under (Properties > Paper/Quality > Media) if "Transparency" causes conflicting settings


  • Open the multi purpose tray on the RHS of MSD 2

  • Adjust the side glides so that the paper stack is neatly aligned between them.

The printer will automatically generate the "Paper Output Tray" screen to set your paper size

  • If of a standard size (e.g. A4), use the Auto Recognize Size and change Paper Type according to the table below

  • If another size, click custom size and set the width and height in millimeters

  • Select the corresponding paper type on the printer and press [OK]


Similar to normal printing via MSD 1, you will be able to release your prints via PaperCut.

  • Press "Print" to be prompted with an instruction to enter your Student ID

  • Swipe your Student Card over the card reader

If this is your first time printing, an error may display "invalid ID". This is a common first-time user error, wait 5 (or so) minutes and try again.

  • Then, swipe your Student Card at the PaperCut release station

  • Press "Release"

  • The printer should then release the your work via the Output Tray.

Paper Types according to the printer.

We should check if any preferences need to be made on the PC side before printing, mainly to set the source as the MPT.

Sizes greater than 320 x 457.2 mm

We only provide printing on your own media up to this size. Reminders of our paper stock for plotters A,B,C below:

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