Information regarding access to the Student Print Portal, Printer Locations and the MSD Media Hub can be found here.

1.0 Student Print

Further information regarding the University Student Print system can be found in the link below.

1.1 PaperCut

Printing throughout the University is charged through PaperCut. You can access your account, check your balance, and recharge your balance on the Print.Unimelb Website.

1.2 Releasing Jobs from PaperCut

If you are logged on a computer within the MSD, you can send and release your print jobs.

Under Tab 'Jobs Pending Release', select the job you want to print, go to action and hit [ Print ]

Pick required printer and release.

2.0 Digital Design Hubs

2.1 Location

Every computer in the MSD & Baldwin Spencer buildings have the ability to send prints to the MSD Media Hub. Prints still need to be released via the Release Station located in the Media Hub.


Room Number


Machine Number

Digital Design Hub 129*

MSD 129



Digital Design Hub 120*

MSD 120



Digital Design Hub 120*

MSD 121



Digital Design Hub 246*

MSD 246



Brian Lewis Atrium

MSD Level 1



Open Areas

MSD 248 (SE corner)



MSD Northern Side



MSD Northern Side



Baldwin Spencer Design Hall




* Digital Design Hubs are timetabled but available for student use when not timetabled.

Check the digital design hub timetables to avoid clashes with classes.

If the computers do not have printer access - approach a staff member so they can lodge an IT service ticket on your behalf.

2.2 Sending to a Printer

Once you have prepared your files, print your PDF file from Adobe Acrobat directly to your printer of choice.

Once you have sent the file to the printer, you will need to release your job from the Release Station in the Media Hub.

  1. Swipe your student card at the Release Station and your print file will appear on the screen.

  2. Release the print job by hitting the Print button, which is displayed in the top right of the screen.

  3. At this point your UniPrint account will be charged and the file will begin printing.

3.0 Printer Locations

3.1 MSD

  • Media Hub (Room 127)

  • Library basement - A4 printing only, WebPrint available.

3.2 On Campus

The Student Union offers computing and printing facilities in Union House, in the Rowden White Library (Level Two).

3.3 Outside Service

During busy periods it may be worthwhile to get printing done externally, however it is best to call around for quotes and to how busy they are. Print shops near MSD include, but aren't limited to;

  • Scotts Print and Design

  • Dinkums

4.0 Print Room Quick Print Station

The Print Room offers three Quick Print Station's. These computers are only to be used for sending print files and do not require student login. Please be considerate of other students wanting to print. If you notice an error or need to spend time fixing your file, please return to your personal computer or log on to a lab computer.

Please ensure your file has been converted into a flattened PDF on a USB before using the Quick Print Station, as there is strictly no editing or web-surfing such as Google drive, Dropbox or etc.

Please ensure you have your Student ID card. This is used during the process of sending and releasing prints from the Media Hub.

After you've sent your print, your requests will appear on the Media Hub Release Station. Once you have approved and released your print job, the printing process will commence.

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