Staff Printing

Print stations for A3/A4 formats are available to staff free of charge Through UniPrint in the MSD and Baldwin Spencer buildings.

The following table highlights the most appropriate location for your printing requests (Staff):

Printing Via UniPrint

For generic staff printing (A4/A3) we would recommend the use of the complementary UniPrint service offered to staff. More information can be found here:

Printing at the Media Hub

For more specialized, large format printing please see the below methods for staff to print using our services.

1. Staff Self Service Printing

Staff can can load up credit and submit and release prints in the same way as students can in the Media Hub/Print room. for more information, see the link below.

Note: credit can only be topped up using a credit/debit card - to charge printing to a themis string, please submit a staff print request as described below.

2. Staff Print Requests

If you require large format printing done, please submit your request here:

Please note there is a 1 day turn around for all prints. You will receive an email stating that printouts can be collected.

For work-related printing in the Print Room (127) staff are required to obtain a themis code from the relevant Heads of Departments. This allows us to charge once the printing is done. Include the themis code in the Staff Printing Form provided above.

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