Booklet Exporting and Printing

Vital aspects of booklet printing outlining steps and settings involved in booklet exporting from InDesign as well as a quick booklet printing procedure from a normal PDF

1. Booklet exporting from InDesign

InDesign has a print booklet feature that is tucked in the 'File' menu with the print presets, print and package options. Follow the procedure below:

In case of odd number of pages, InDesign will proceed to fill out the document with blank pages in order to evenly fill out the booklet. If you have a 9 page A4 booklet, the printer will add a whole new A3 sheet for page number 9 (an A3 sheet folded in half will produce x4 A4 pages) which will leave you with x3 blank pages at the end of your booklet.

Consider final size of your booklet pages against the paper size your selected printer will use. i.e. For an A4 booklet set your paper size to A3, as an A3 page folded in half will produce an A4 booklet.

  1. Choose File > Print Booklet. The Print Booklet dialogue box will appear with the printer pre-sets

2. Review the summary of the Print pre-sets, Booklet type and Preview your booklet printing. If you would like to adjust these settings, select Print Settings. Proceed to select the Setup tab on the left side of the dialogue box to adjust the setup of your booklet

3. Once you have adjusted and saved your pre-sets and hit ok, you can Preview your print in the main dialogue box to see how your print will come out

4. Click Print

5. If you are not printing directly to a printer, you can Print to PDF and proceed to release your PDF via the quick-print station in the Media Hub

2. Printing a booklet

If you have not prepared your document as a booklet, you can still print as a booklet from Adobe PDF.

  1. Open the PDF file using Adobe PDF Reader

  2. Go to File > Print or simply click Ctrl + P on the keyboard

  3. On the pop-up window choose Booklet

  4. Adjust the orientation and the other settings

  5. Check the preview and hit print

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