Embedding Custom Fonts

This is a way to ensure your PDFs are viewed and printed the way they were intended to, without any unwanted changes

1.0 Embedding Fonts into your PDF

Embedding your fonts means basically ensuring that the font you are using is now part of the document itself. This means your PDF will carry along the font with it to any other computer accessing it, even if it does not have your custom font downloaded.

1.1 How to Embed Fonts in InDesign (PDF Export)

  1. Open your document in InDesign

  2. Click on the “File” drop menu and select “Adobe PDF Presets”. You are going to the follow the same steps for exporting your PDF described in the 'Exporting Adobe PDF from InDesign article' (insert link)

  3. Designate where your file will be exported, and then click “Save”. This will open the Export Adobe PDF dialog

  4. In the dialog box, click on “Advanced”. You can choose to embed all of your fonts or just a subset of the fonts. The default value is 100%; to embed all fonts, enter 0% in "Subset Fonts When Percent of Characters Used is Less Than"

  5. Finally, click “Export”. Depending on the resolution quality, the export process may take a few moments

1.2 Adobe Print Graphics and Fonts in InDesign

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