Plotter C Large Format Printing

For High Quality Presentation Printing of A2,A1 and A0 Sheets.

Things to know

For high quality Presentation and Fine Art prints Plotter C is an ideal choice for producing extremely high resolution print documents. The printer is a Canon ImagePrograf Pro-4000, which prints with 10 different pigment inks including both RGB and CMYK to increase the print accuracy of the document to the digital version.

Before you begin

The print process is a little more involved regarding printing with Plotter C to maintain the correct print settings for the desired outcome. This is also to avoid incorrect charging issues.

  • Ensure the document is correctly Flattened prior to printing.

  • Ensure the document is set up for the media size that is being printed.

  • Ensure the document is of a high resolution.

The Printing Process

When exporting ensure you select:

  • [High Quality Print] (modified)

  • PDF/X-4:2010

  • Acrobat 7 (PDF 1.6)

Ensure you go through the print settings in the driver as follows.

1 - Select Plotter C.

2 - Ensure your document is exported to the size you want to print and 'FIT' is selected.

3 - Un-select 'Choose paper source by PDF page size'. This will alter the document size and cause media errors.

4 - Selecting Auto Rotate will avoid any orientation errors.

5 - 'Page Setup' is where the Document size is selected.

6 - You will then need to go into the printer properties to set up the print information.

Ensure these steps are followed in the Printer Properties.

1 - Ensure you are in the 'Main' tab.

2 - Select 'Get Information' this will allow the computer to talk to the printer regarding the paper in the printer.

3 - Select 'Advanced Settings' and select the print quality to be 'High'. Selecting any higher takes double the print time and doesn't make a difference.

4 - Select either Colour or Monochrome.

If you are printing A2 or A1 please read below.

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