Job Submission

The Maker Spaces job submission platform is a simple two part process that first capture the job details and then requests for you to upload your files.

If you are having issues submitting your file, please email

Submission and Post Submission

Job Submission Process:

Home Page

When submitting a job you will be introduced to the FabLab submission 'Home Page', here you can see:

  • Your Name and University Email

  • The current Job Queue and status of the Jobs (for all machines)

  • Where to submit 'Job Details'

  • Ability to 'Book a Consultation'

  • Link to the Knowledge Base for more online learning content

Job Details

After selecting 'Submit a Job', you will be directed to fill out the job details. You will need to specify:

  • What machine you are submitting a job to

  • What is the Job Type - Student, Staff or Commercial

  • Your University ID

  • Your Phone Number

  • Any notes you want to attach to the job -

    • Bringing your own material

    • If you need a consultation prior to the job starting

    • What kind of 3D printer you are using

Successful Submission

The Successful Submission page identifies your Job Details have been submitted and your job is now in the Queue.

An email will be send to your inbox, this links a SharePoint Folder to your specific job. This is where you upload your Rhino file.

The SharePoint link remains active for 12 hours. If you fail to upload a file in the specified period of time we will cancel the job.

Email Notification

File Upload

After opening the SharePoint file destination in your inbox, you will be required to upload the Rhino file there. After the file is uploaded the link will automatically expire.

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