Job Submission

The Maker Spaces job submission platform is a simple two part process that first capture the job details and then requests for you to upload your files.
If you are having issues submitting your file, please email [email protected].

Submission and Post Submission

Submission Process
Wait Times
Paying for Job
Collecting Job

Job Submission Process:

Home Page

Job Submission Home Page
When submitting a job you will be introduced to the FabLab submission 'Home Page', here you can see:
  • Your Name and University Email
  • The current Job Queue and status of the Jobs (for all machines)
  • Where to submit 'Job Details'
  • Ability to 'Book a Consultation'
  • Link to the Knowledge Base for more online learning content

Job Details

Job Submission Details
After selecting 'Submit a Job', you will be directed to fill out the job details. You will need to specify:
  • What machine you are submitting a job to
  • What is the Job Type - Student, Staff or Commercial
  • Your University ID
  • Your Phone Number
  • Any notes you want to attach to the job -
    • Bringing your own material
    • If you need a consultation prior to the job starting
    • What kind of 3D printer you are using

Successful Submission

The Successful Submission page identifies your Job Details have been submitted and your job is now in the Queue.
An email will be send to your inbox, this links a SharePoint Folder to your specific job. This is where you upload your Rhino file.
The SharePoint link remains active for 12 hours. If you fail to upload a file in the specified period of time we will cancel the job.

Email Notification

Email Notification

File Upload

After opening the SharePoint file destination in your inbox, you will be required to upload the Rhino file there. After the file is uploaded the link will automatically expire.

Wait Times

Busy Times
Laser Cutting
1 - 3 days
Up to 1 week
CNC Milling
5 - 7 days
1 - 2 weeks
3D Printing
2 - 4 days
Up to 1 week
Generally, busy times of semester are directly prior to mid-semster break and from week 11 until the end of exam period.
You can check the key dates on the academic calendar here.
If your wait time has exceeded these estimates, the team may been experiencing technical difficulties or shortage of staff due to restrictions.
If you would like an update on your job status, please email [email protected] with your name and job number.


  • Once your job is completed, you will recieve an email with a link to pay for the job.
  • Pay for your job as directed through the link.
  • If you would like your job to be delivered, please select 'Ship' option for 'Delivery Method'.
  • You will recieve an email confirmation once the payment is completed.
You cannot collect your job prior to paying.
To navigate the online store, use search to find your job by student number or job number, or browse by category. Most recently completed jobs are displayed at the bottom of the main page. Jobs are organized products displayed within these respective categories – Laser Cutting, NExT Lab 3D Printing, Fab Lab 3D Printing and CNC. Begin the payment process of your job by selecting the product to direct you to the description page. The details of the selected product including price will be displayed on this page. Click on “Add to Cart”. Continue with other products to be paid for if required.
When ready, navigate the Cart button on the top right of the web page. A popup cart menu will list the products added to cart and calculate the total cost of your checkout. Different options for payment are displayed here, including Card via Checkout, Shop Pay, Google Pay or Paypal. Select preferred payment option, sign in (if needed) and fill in the details accordingly to process payment.
On the Information page, you can choose for home shipping or on campus pick up as delivery options. Once details are filled in, click on “Continue to shipping”. By default, the shipping service for domestic deliveries in Australia is provided by Sendle. The shipping cost for the order is also displayed here on this page. Proceed to provide payment details to finalise purchase.


  • Have your job number on hand so the staff can easily acess your job location (EG. LC805). You can find your job number in your job completion email.
  • Make sure you have the capacity to take your job home. You cannot leave job sheets unattended in the FabLab.
  • Make sure your job has been processed correctly. If there are errors in your job, please notify staff so they can be re-cut or re-printed.
Staff are often very busy, so please be aware that jobs may not always be processed perfectly the first time. In this case, the team will ensure any errors are ammended free of charge.
Please be polite when speaking to staff at the FabLab.

Job Delivery Option

It is now possible to have your job shipped to a specified address, rather than pick-up.

Payment and Delivery Options

When your job has been completed by Fab Lab staff, you will receive an email containing a link to our online store. You will be required to enter your shipping details and pay online before we package and send your order, as with any commercial online store. Delivery incurs a small delivery fee, and is based on the size or weight of the object, and where it is being shipped to. This fee will be automatically calculated at checkout.

Delivery times

Please allow 3-5 business days after payment for delivery.

Delivery Restrictions

Size, Weight and Volume

There are restrictions on the size and weight of items we can ship, as well as where we can ship to. Jobs over 25kg or 100L in volume (bounding box including packaging) cannot be shipped, and packages cannot be longer than 120cm in any direction. As a result, we will not be offering shipping for the metal laser cutter or CNC router initially, and large laser or 3D printed jobs may be split into multiple shipments which will incur additional costs.

PO boxes

Our shipping provider cannot deliver to PO boxes, physical addresses must be used. Whilst not required, we recommend shipping to a location which is attended between 8am and 6pm, such as your home, business or building concierge.

Shipping location

Local (metropolitan Melbourne) shipping attracts the cheapest and quickest delivery. We also offer regional and nation-wide shipping, however this attracts addition fees from our delivery company. Initially, we will not be offering international shipping.