3-Axis Milling

3 Axis Machining creates Toolpaths that follow 3d surfaces to carve objects. Cuts are determined by the X,Y and Z coordinates for each point along the surface of your 3D Model.

CNC Template

At your initial consultation, the Fab Lab Technician will take you through the template and will advise how to set up your file in accordance with the guidelines.

The technician will work with you to determine which machining operations your job will require. If you have multiple sheets, include them all in the one file as indicated on the template and label the material above each sheet.

Hint: Always ensure that you have the latest template file; we periodically make revisions and additions.

CNC Template for Submission

Create Stock Material

1. Set layer to Stock. 2. Create Box beginning at Origin (0,0,0). 3. Enter Length - long edge must be on x-axis. 4. Enter Width. 5. Enter Height - must be a positive z-axis value. 6. Update sheet label with material type and dimensions. 7. Check that the stock fits within the maximum dimension. 8. Hide existing maximum dimension box layer.


• Incorrect orientation of box • Incorrect layer • Failure to update sheet label



  • Download Fab Lab template from the website.

  • Model your stock using the _Box com

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