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3D Printing with FabLab

FabLab offers two options for 3D printing: HP Jet Fusion (captures very fine detail, does not require supports, but more expensive) and SLA Resin printing (captures fine detail, requires supports, more affordable). To 3D print with us, you'll need to nest your closed polysurfaces or meshes within the print volume of your chosen machine in our Rhino template. Two examples are shown below:

Download 3D Printing Template file here:

Compare Printers

FDM (Makerbot) 3D printing is offered at the NExT Lab, not the Fab Lab.

Outcome Examples

Printer Parameters




  • Strong & flexible, great for end use and delicate parts

  • Full colour printing for vibrant models

  • Great value for printing many parts as cost based on overall print height


  • Cost by height can mean small prints can be expensive

  • Thin and flat parts may warp

  • Base material is blue-ish white

  • Surface finish rough

  • Small parts may get lost during post-processing

Print Material

HP 3D High Reusability CB PA 12 (Thermoplastic)

Build Area

332 W x 190 D x 248 H (mm)

Supports Needed



Fine detail and high dimensional accuracy

Surface Finish



Full colour, Black or White


Engineering grade parts


$$$ Use the price estimation tool on our job submission platform to get an idea of the cost of your job

Once you have chosen the right printer for your job, you can use the Quick Start Guide to prepare and submit your file:

pageHP Jet Fusion GuidepageResin Guide

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