Fab Lab Materials

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All materials are available for instant purchase directly from the Fab Lab, or a staff will use the correct materials for your job when specified at submission. All pricing information is included in the link.

Using External Materials

Students who wish to cut their own material must check the Approved Materials List prior to submitting their job (refer to link above).

If the material you wish to have cut doesn't appear on approved materials list, submit a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and a material sample to the Fab Lab office.

Materials not listed on the approved materials list should be discussed with staff before purchase.

Material Safety Data Sheets are generally provided by the supplier of the material and indicates key safety information such as chemical composition and ignition temperatures of the material. While a wide range of materials are suitable for the laser cutter some must be avoided for health and safety reasons.

For further information on alternative materials, see:

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