4-Axis Milling

The 4-Axis CNC Router is a completely different machine with different capabilities, restrictions and file set-up process.

Introduction to the 4 Axis Template

Submission for the 4-Axis router will be slightly different from the 3-Axis router. We accept 3D geometry and engrave curves, hence the template file is much less detailed than that of the 3-Axis.

  • The Template comes with some instructions to reiterate the size restrictions of the router. There are input sections for your basic details, as well as material and any other notes on the job that need to be taken into consideration when milling.

  • The chuck and center pin has been modelled as well as the maximum material size for your reference as well. Make sure before importing the file to the template, the geometry is scaled to the appropriate size for the stock material.

  • An easy way to move your geometry to the origin of the template is to put a bounding box around the geometry, draw a rectangle on the end face and move the geometry from the center point of that rectangle to the origin of the template.

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