360° Cameras


360 degree cameras offer the ability to film 360 degrees around the camera, creating opportunities such as playing back as 360 degree video, letting the audience to choose what to look at, creating immersive vr experiences, creating HDRI photos to help create virtual environments and aid in digital visualization.

For lighter and easier filming, we have the Insta 360 One-R. This camera is about the size of a gopro, and can easily double as one. Due to the 360 degree nature you can film the footage and decide what to focus on after you have filmed, it, making it useful in action and tour environments. Its waterproof housing and interchangable lenses help make a very versatile device.

The Insta 360 Pro2 is a more stationary, cinema quality 360 degree camera. Lending itself to more professional productions, the camera allows for 8K filming and live streaming which

Insta 360 One-R

  • 5.7k (5760x2880) 360 degree footage h.264/h.265

  • 4k wide angle

  • waterproof 5m

  • easy mobile integration


software support

Insta 360 one X3

Insta 360 Pro 2

Compared to the One-R, the Pro2 is a professional grade piece of kit. Filming with 6 individuals lenses compared to 2, each of which saves onto its own micro SD card produces up to 7680 x 3840 @30 fps HDR (8K 2D). This high resolution and bitrate (up to 120mbs per lens) requires a fairly powerful PC to process. for a full spec sheet see here: https://www.insta360.com/product/insta360-pro2/#pro2_specs



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