Speakers / Portable Amplifiers


We offer a number of loudspeakers and PA kits for loan

the Portable amplifier kits are ideal for projecting your voice over a small area, operating similarly to a megaphone, easing your ability to speak to larger tour groups and classes.

The JBL Boombox is a portable speaker that can be connected to via bluetooth or aux, and can provide a fair bit of sound filling most rooms and indoor spaces.

The Loudspeaker kit contains two large PA speakers, ideal for larger public adresses or events. They offer XLR inputs, ideal for more professional productions.

Loudspeaker Kit


contains 2 x QSC CP12 + stands + cables.

Specifications + documents

JBL Boombox


Specs + manual

Portable Amplifier Kit


A easy to use personal portable amplification device. ideal for tour groups and tutorials in the field or on site visits.


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