Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Loans Desk located?

The Loans Desk is located on level 1 in the MSD building. Room 127

Do I have to be a part of the ABP Faculty to make a booking?

Yes, only ABP staff and students can use the facilities. You must also complete the Level 01: Online Safety Induction before loaning an item.

What if I damage or lose the item?

The borrower accepts full liability for the items. Any damage or loss to the borrowed items has to be compensated by the borrower.

If I return the equipment late will I receive a fine?

Fines are not applied, however after 3 late returns loaning privilege will be withdrawn for one month period.

Can I take the item off campus?

Yes, but you accept the full liability for the item. Any damage or loss caused to the borrowed items will have to be compensated by the borrower.

Can bookings be made for longer than a day?

Yes, but you need talk to talk to Loans Desk staff to organise longer bookings.

Can I renew the booking if I need the item for a longer period of time?

Yes, you can re-book it through the MSD loans page, unless the item is not already booked by someone else.

Can I book the item for a friend?

If you book an item, you take full responsibility for the item and any damage that occurs it.

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