We have a wide variety of tripods available for loan, suitable for various applications.

the Benro small and manfrotto compact are small, light and compact, that can be easily transported due to their compact size and low weight, however can be unstable in windy weather or with larger cameras.

The Valbon and manfrotto video tripods are versatile, medium sized tripods that are a little more stable, and can be extended up higher to about eye level. These are very versatile.

Finally we have the Benro (large) and Miller pro tripods, which are large, stable platforms ready for any weather and can support large, full frame (or larger) cameras with ease.

We also have a number of tripods and stands designed to hold lights and VR base stations which are available.

Benro small

  • Max height: 1540mm

  • Min height: 410mm

  • Folded length: 540mm

  • Weight: 1kg

  • Load capacity: 6kg


The photo version of this tripod has a conventional photo head attached, which lets you pan, tilt and roll the camera. It will also allow you to roll the camera 90 degrees for portrait photography


The video variant is equipped with a video head, which does not let you mount a camera in a portrait orientation however it does have a handle which allows you to pan and tilt smoothly and easily

Manfrotto compact

A very light, portable tripod. ideal for smaller/lighter cameras.

  • Max height: 1300mm

  • Min height: 390mm

  • Folded length: 398mm

  • Weight: 1kg

  • Load capacity: 1.5kg

Manfrotto Video

Good all round tripod. Video head provides a handle for easy panning and tilting.

  • Max height: 1460mm

  • Min height: 425mm

  • Folded length: 595mm

  • Weight: 1.8kg

  • Load capacity: 4kg


Velbon CX 560

  • Max height: 1500mm

  • Min height: 520mm

  • Folded length: 560mm

  • Weight: 1.54kg

  • Load capacity: 2kg

Velbon CX 686

  • Max height: 1630mm

  • Min height: 650mm

  • Folded length: 670mm

  • Weight: 2kg

  • Load capacity: 1.5kg

Manfrotto 550

need to check tripod in person for specs

Benro Large

need to check tripod in person for specs

Miller Pro tripod

need to check tripod in person for specs

VR tripod kit

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