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The Ring Light and the Flash Kit are compact lights that are compatible with Canon EOS cameras. LED wand is the smallest LED the loans desk offers. For larger coverage, the LED Panels are more suitable for studio photography. For professional setups, the studio light kit and the professional LED kit are avaliable ... i dont like this

Ring Light

The Ring Light is best suited for Macro or Portrait photography, capturing an even coverage around the subject. The Ring Light comes with adapters to attach the following lenses: 52,68,67 and 72.

Introductory video:

LED Wand

The Yongnuo 360 LED light wand is perfect for mobility and experimental colouring. The light includes a RGB colour scale

LED Panel

The aperture LED panel lights provide full coverage and although a medium size LED are able to be mounted onto a camera. The light is more appropriate in a professional setting

Studio Light Kit

The studio light kit contains two lights with respective tripods and filters. It includes all one would need to set up a professional portrait or model photography setup.

Pro LED Kit (Aperture)

Available to staff, the Pro lighting kit is an LED light with filter overlays for portrait photography.


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