Yeti microphones are a good choice for making voice recordings, such as for podcasts, lectures, video guides, music and voice overs. They require a computer or other audio recording equipment to function.

Rode videomicro are good for use in light and quick video productions, as they can be plugged directly into your camera and mounted to the hotshoe plate, offering a bump in audio quality with relatively little effort.

We also have more conventional microphones, such as the Rode NTG2 or Shure SM58, which can connected via XLR to more conventional studio/audio equipment. These are designed for more professional productions. Along with those we also have some clip/Lapel Mics.

Yeti Microphone

The Yeti microphone is a good all round microphone that connects through USB and offers a number of sound patterns to choose from.

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Yeti Pro

The Yeti Pro offers more high resolution audio recording than the standard yeti, as well as the ability to connect it through an analog XLR connection to more conventional studio gear.


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Rode VideoMicro

A quick and easy way to bump audio quality when recording video with a camera. Plugs into a 3.5mm port on your camera or recording device.

Comes with a "dead cat" to help combat windy weather

Introduction/Quick start video

Drivers, manuals and support


Rode NTG2

A high quality condenser shotgun microphone, designed for professional applications within the film, video, television and production industries. This works better outdoors, as the interference tube can cause problems with sound reflections when used indoors.

Comes with a "Dead Cat" to help in windy weather

Microphone specifications

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Shure SM58

A high quality Cardioid vocal microphone, designed for professional applications for sound and audio productions. Compared to the Rode NTG2, this is better for interior audio recording. A great all round microphone.

Microphone specifications

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Clip Microphone

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